CNRI Handle System Workshop: First Half

Larry Lannom, CNRI: Handle System Update

DOI: 2625 prefixes; Other: 1172

Handles: 35M in DOI.

Three global service sites.

"Chooseby" datatype: structured alternatives in a single Handle value, including selection criteria.

Computed Handles: resolve Handles that have not been registered. Data store of records can be replaced by a computed Handle if the record contents are predictable. e.g. 123/456.x => URL xyz/x (rewrite rule). Resolution attempts registered Handle first, then computed Handle.

More global mirors: new one from Crossref.

Update to RFCs: delegation has changed; execute permissions are obsolete.

Attempt at URI registration of Handle scheme.

Tony Hammond, Nature: A Distributed Metadata Architecture

Downloaded assets have no metadata linking them back to source.

Services: generic (Handle Form, OpenHandle), specific (proxy).

OpenHandle: Accessible as web service, easy read, expose values as markup. In various programming languages and serialisations: RDF/XML, JSON.

Coming up: Web Admin. cf. Freebase MQL transacted through JSON.

XMP: Extensible Metadata Platform. Embeds XML into arbitrary file formats, e.g. PDFs. XMP packet would be RDF/XML document with wrapper. That would include DOI watermarking. Can be viewed through an inspector app. Metadata can be hooked up with services. Can also include "see also" link to more metadata curated online, to allow updating of metadata accessed from branded object.

Ed Pentz, Crossref: DOI Impact on End Users

Trust. Crossref have business interest in trustworthiness of their hyperlinks between texts.

Filling in citation data as they expand. Network effects driven by digitisation of back content. Crossref can automatch biblio citations back to DOIs because of biblio metadata.

Publishers flocking to getting DOIs as imprimatur. (Not necessarily a realistic interpretation of what DOI is!)

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