ADLRR2010: Wrap-up

Dan Rehak:
Strongest trend in the meeting's discussions: What is the problem we're trying to solve, who is target community and how do we engage them?
Also: Sustainability, success, return on investment
Good consensus on No More Specs, figure out how to make what we already have work
Still seeing spectrum of solutions and different ecosystems, and don't know yet where to align along that spectrum
We should not focus on what we build, but on what requirements we satisfy
Learning is special, but not because it's the registry/repository architecture, but because we have particular requirements
We are technically mature, but socially immature in our solutions
Throwing it all away and starting from scratch has to be an option; cannot be captive to past approaches
Followup meeting in London next week

Paul Jesukiewicz:
Are soul-searching with the Administration on way forward (under time constraint of next two years: want to leave their mark in Education)
Govts worldwide are reprioritising their repository infrastructure
ADL is putting in recommendations, and govt wants to tackle the Dark Web

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