Ashley Wright, ARCS: ARCS Collaboration Services


ARCS: Australian Research Collaboration Services

ARCS provides longterm eresearch support, esp. collaboration. Modalities: Video; Web Based; Custom.

Video service is Desktop-based; allows short-burst communications, instead of physical attendance or extensive timespans (e.g. Access Grid). Needs to scale to large numbers, allow encryption. Obviate need for special room booking.

EVO: Enabling Virtual Organisations; Access Grid. ARCS provide advice on deployment.

EVO licensed by Caltech. Can create user communities on request. 222 registered users under ARCS-AARNET community; other australian communities: AuScope, TRIN. More than 100 communities worldwide, mostly high-energy physics. Soon: phone dial-in to meetings, interaction with AARNET audio/video conferencing; Australian portal for registration & support.

Access Grid: advice on equipment & installation; quality assurance.

Web Collaboration: CMS, collabative environments, shared apps (like Google Apps). Wiki, forums, file sharing, annotation. Full control over user permissions & visibility. Hosting by ARCS or can help set up locally. Sakai, Drupal, Plone, Wikis.

Customisation. They have staff on hand to help: advice & options

Are open to adopting New Tools.

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