eResearch Australasia Workshop: ANDS: Developing eResearch Capabilities


Core ANDS team has 3 EFT dedicated to developing capabilities: community engagement, activity coordination, needs analysis, materials preparation & editing, event logistics, knowledge transfer/ train the trainer, surveys, reviews of progress.

$150K for materials & curriculum development; $50K in training and events logistics. Course delivery will be undertaken by the institutions, not ANDS.

Assumptions: ANDS is not funded to train everybody. It will partner with organisations to develop content to train from. A structured, national coordinated set of training materials will make a difference. ANDS will do some train-the-trainer activities; it will partner with strategic communities to deliver capability building. Training will be complemented by adhoc workshops.

Outcomes: a structured set of modules; partner to develop & maintain them; partners to deliver them; a certification framework.

Cultural collections sector in scope for ANDS. However, the cultural collections sector is not prioritised for training, because they are not ready; they need different approach to bring them up to speed. (The Atlas of Living Australia project involves cultural collections, so that will accelerate engagement with the cultural sector.)

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