Nicki Henningham & Joanne Evans, U. Melbourne: Australian Women's Archives

Australian Women's Archives: Next generation infrastructure for women's studies


Fragmented record keeping in the past, because organisations were not institutional; best addressed by personal papers, which are much more susceptible to loss. Project initiated from awareness of the impermanence of the data. Encourages womens' organisations to protect their records and deposit them. Maintains register of data.

Based on OHRM. All-in-one biographical dictionary, with annotated bibliography.

A working model of federated info architecture for sustainable humanities computing. Enhanced capabilities, improved sustainability.

Both content development, acting as aggregator and annotator; and technological development, to support creation, capture, and reuse of data. Feeds into People Australia through harvest; will be populating into registry by harvesting from researchers (and vice versa). Need lightweight solutions because of diversity of platforms.

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