eResearch Australasia Workshop: ANDS: Seeding the Australian Data Commons


ANDS: Australian National Data Service

Goal: greater access to research data assets, in forms that support easier and more effective data use and reuse. ANDS will be a "voice for data".

Not all data shared will be open; institutionally supported storage solutions (not enough funding to do its own storage); ANDS will only start to build the Data Commons.

Largely the Commons will be virtual access: no centralised point of storage.

ANDS delivery: developing frameworks, providing utilities, seeding the commons, building capabilities. Mediated through NeAT (National e-Research Architecture Taskforce).

One way of seeding Data Commons is through discovery service. Make more things available for harvesting, and link them with persistent identification. Discovery service will be underpinned by ISO 2146 (Registry Services for Libraries and Related Organisations). Will need to collect ISO 2146 data to describe entities for discovery service.

Seeding the commons will involve opportunistic content recruitment in the first year, and targetted areas in years 2 and 3, to improve data management, content, and capture. Are working with repository managers to identify candidates for content recruitment.

Content systems enhancement:
  • convene a tech forum (ANU responsibility), map the landscape;
  • model a reference data repository software stack, available for easy deployment;
  • repository interface toolkit for easier submission --- working with SWORD deposit protocol;
  • relationships with equivalent operations overseas.

Building Capabilities: train-the-trainer model; initial targets: early career researchers, research support staff. Build a community around data management.

Establishment project has met its deliverable; DIISR has signed contract. First business plan available online, runs to June 2009.

ANDS and ARCS are closely related. ARCS are tying state-based storage fabric into national fabric. ANDS are agnostic as to what storage you use.

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