Tracey Hind, CSIRO: Enterprise perspective of Data Management

CSIRO has 5 areas and 16 research divisions. 9 Flagship programs to produce research across the streams. 100 themes and many hundred projects and partnerships. There are localised solutions to data management, but CSIRO needs an enterprise solution. Not all divisions actually use the enterprise data storage solution already in place.

CSIRO needs to discover and partner data with other researchers; maximise value of their investment in infrastructure; open access to data. Will enable the flagship projects to move forwards.

CSIRO does not recognise data management is an issue still: e-Science Information Management strategy (eSIM is still unfunded. Scientists are not working well across disciplines --- they don't know what they don't know. Data management is not a technology issue, but a human problem. Easy discovery of data is key, but divisions do not understand potential of unlocking their own data. Data Management is a hard sell: there are no showpieces like machine rooms; researchers don't understand the benefits immediately. Need exemplar projects to demonstrate benefits of data management, to get buy-in.

eSIM model to build capabilities: people, processes, technology, governance. people challenges, e.g. incentives for people to deposit data into repositories. (May even need changes in job descriptions.) Governance includes proper enterprise funding, data management plan requirements.

Exemplar projects: AuScope, Atlas of Living Australia, Corporate Communications (managed data repository, enterprise workflow and process, corporate reporting). Exemplars will drive changing behaviours.

Researchers will be easier to convince of the benefits of integrated data management than the lawyers will be.

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